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3 Reasons Why Alco-Buddy is Right For You


The vending machine business is a multi-million dollar industry that takes time and dedication to be successful, just like every other business.  If you’re up to the challenge of managing your own business, then consider the

Alco-Buddy alcohol breathalyzer vending machine

.  The


can make a considerable amount of income when placed in optimal locations.  Bars, nightclubs and restaurants are just a few of the places where the Alco-Buddy is successful.  And with the ability to custom design your machines, it’s easy to integrate the design into any establishment.  A well-thought-out business plan is important to a successful business. Set realistic goals

and don’t get frustrated by small returns when you’re just starting out.  It’s better to start slow and grow your business gradually.  It’ll only take a few machines placed to get the hang of what the business is all about.  Practically anyone can start a vending machine route with the right amount of commitment and perseverance.  It’s worth the risk to invest in the Alco-Buddy breathalyzer vending machines.  


Here are 3 reasons why:


Be Your Own Boss

– Managing your own Alco-Buddy vending machine route allows you to set your own hours and work at your own pac

e.  If you think you have the right personality traits to be successful, you can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.  It takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to initially place the machines and start making an income, but once you have a route established, you can sit back and watch your profits grow.


Passive Income

– Even when you’re not working, the Alco-Buddy is.  If you make sure you choose high-traffic locations for your Alco-Buddy, the returns can be phenomenal.  The region in which the machine is placed can also help increase returns.  College towns are a great place to start considering the high turn-over rate and influx of new and transferring students every year.  Upgrade your Alco-Buddy to be equipped with a credit card reader and you can watch your profits grow in real-time, online!


Build Your Own Business

– Once you’ve established a steady route, you can begin to grow your business.  This is the key to building wealth and security over a long period of time.  You may eventually want to hire locators to help you place more machines.  Or, you may want to pay someone to help you service the machines on your Alco-Buddy route.  This can help you further increase your revenue stream.

  At some point in the future, you may even be able to hire enough staff to become autonomous.

These are just the basic reasons why vending may be the right decision for you. But there are so many other great things you’ll discover like making friends and developing close relationships with business owners over time.

To learn more about how you can start your own vending machine route using the Alco-Buddy

breathalyzer vending machine

, visit or call 1.888.925.2628.